Bill, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for me these last two months. 

There are many flight instructors out there, but I am sure that none could have gotten me where I am today with the patience, kindness, and support that you have shown me. It has been a privilege to learn from you and I will not only take the lessons you have taught me as a pilot forward into my career, but also the lessons you have taught me as a mentor and a person. If I can do half of what you have done for me, for one of my students in the hopeful future I will be proud.  Thank you for everything and be sure to stay in touch.

Brett Russell



“Bill, my present instructor is exceptional. His personality, knowledge and commitment toward training and making sure all of the planes are very well maintained are outstanding. I started my PPL training at another school and moved on after I lost confidence with their instructors and overall instruction. At Hilton Head Flyers. I feel like a welcomed part of the family every time I walk in the door.
Bill is with me every step of the way as I work toward my PPL. His encouragement to be my best is excellent. Ground, Simulator and flight training sessions with Bill are always interesting, in addition to the follow up discussions which will peak your interest as you progress further into the exciting world of aviation.

If you are looking for an instructor that will personalize training sessions to meet your needs, Bill surely is the right CFI.”

Bill has been an OUTSTANDING flight instructor! Initially I was quite impressed by his experience in aviation and impeccable record with students, but there are other qualities that have made learning to fly a great experience.

Patrick Lacerra


He is truly committed to his students beyond the scheduled lesson times—always accessible with any question. Bill’s approach ensures you understand what you’re learning in the plane both before and after each lesson. This has helped me tremendously with my progress.

I hope to soon obtain my PPL and wouldn’t hesitate to work with Bill again for my Instrument Rating. You can’t go wrong with Bill!

Ben Alexander


“Bill Shank is simply a wonderful guy and has been an incredible teacher and mentor throughout my time on HHI working toward my PPL. Through his instruction, I’ve come to feel more than capable in the cockpit and confident in my own problem solving and decision making (which is essential to successful pilotage). With great ground training, simulator time, and practice in the air, Bill is able to offer his students a large variety of experience to ensure their success in the world of aviation. Ambition is key, and if you do have the drive, focus, and patience to get your PPL or beyond, Bill Shank will be the instructor to get you there. I still have a long way to go with overall experience, but Bill has helped pave an incredibly strong foundation in my aviation training, and I am so glad he has made such an important impact on my journey.”

Matheson Burns


“My name is Nicholas D. Stewart, GySgt, USMC. I credit much of my success to Bill’s dedication and desire to see his students succeed. At the time of my flight training I was a Drill Instructor at Parris Island, SC. My schedule was extremely erratic; however, Bill was very patient and willing to work with me. In fact, it was his willingness that made my dream of flying a possibility and later a reality. Thanks to Bill, in September 2008, I earned my private pilot rating. Bill is very flexible and reasonably priced. I am very impressed with his vast knowledge, attention to detail and his emphasis on safety. He is a professional with a true passion for flying; we can talk for hours. Although, Bill is no longer my flight instructor, he continues to be my mentor. In fact, I consulted him in 2009 when I purchased my Piper Cherokee 180. Bill assisted me with my selection and accompanied me to California. We flew cross county back to South Carolina. It was a memorable experience. As I continue to increase my knowledge of flying, I look to Bill Shank. I know I can always count on him for expert advice.”

Nicholas D. Stewart



“My name is Dakota Sabados. I am 17 years old. I started flying with Bill Shank when I was 16 and was a soloed by him during that time. At 17 I received my Private License as this is the youngest age the FFA will grant that ticket. Shortly thereafter, while still under Bill’s tutelage, I received my Instrument Rating while still 17. At the time, I was the youngest to have accomplished those ratings and owe my competence and skill level to Bill. He was also instrumental in choosing and ferrying back to Hilton Head, the Cherokee 140 I now own and fly. I would recommend him to anyone interested in aviation as I consider him a friend and a mentor.”

Dakota Sabados